My name is Chris So, just your average mental nomad. I have an obsession for the beautiful, nostalgic and cycling.

take a piece Today was goodbye to another good friend, Chit Chit (Asian girl in the center). She came to us from Myanmar as a shy little girl that couldn’t swim. Now she’s heading back on a two day flight as a confidant and outgoing girl on a mission that still can’t swim. We will miss you Granddaughter. #thiswastakenmonday  (at Anthonys Pizza)
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take a piece patagonia:

Matt Brower swinging from El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. 
Submitted by Brooks Bolsinger 
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take a piece Yus
take a piece Hehehe @lilymtea craping #desmodium seeds off her field shirt. #whatchuknowboutdatfieldworklyfe
take a piece Brownie, ice cream and a #happycreekcoffeeandtea Red Eye - that’s a good way to wind down the night. #simplepleasuresyo
take a piece Woke up early today to help out the AM trapping team. Glad I had the opportunity to see the little guys we were catching before my contract ended. It made all the tough setting nights worth it. #lookatdamouse #neoninc #neondomain02 #scbi #smithsonianconservationbiologyinstitute #smallmammaltrapping #pele #Peromyscusleucopus (at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute)
take a piece It’s been a six year journey so far. I think my #naturaldreads are one of my proudest accomplishments. Granted there are days that I miss short hair, easier showers and caps - there is a lot more reward in having them. A symbol of my breakaway from a conventional lifestyle, and a movement to be my unique self. There may be a day that I restart them but for now I am proud of my mane. #dreads #dreadhead #lettingthembreathe #realmenhavemanes
take a piece Moar moarning fog. #scbi #smithsonianconservationbiologyinstitute #neoninc #neondomain02 #coldweather #makestheworkbetter (at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute)
take a piece Good morning #jurrasicpark! Cold and foggy this morning. #scbi #smithsonianconservationbiologyinstitute #neoninc #neondomain02 #falliscumming (at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute)
take a piece Had a good haul from the #reifriendsandfamilyevent with my dad. Got some gifts for friends and a new #snowpeak #tisingle600cup! My second snowpeak purchase since I got my spork a year ago and I think I’m in love @snowpeakusa. Little by little getting my roadtrip/ rest of my life shopping done. #buyonlywhatyouneed #andmakeitlast
take a piece The tough walk to the field site was today was rewarded by the walk back. Nothing prettier than maintained pastures and big skies. #dontletpapafindyou #neoninc #neondomain02 #scbi #smithsonianconservationbiologyinstitute