My name is Chris So, just your average mental nomad. I have an obsession for the beautiful, nostalgic and cycling.

take a piece Just 30C yesterday when the cold winds blew in today. The temperature dropped after lunch and brought with it cold rain. We were working on adding a fifth high-tension wire when a sea of mist and dark clouds rolled overhead. Looking at the mountains in the distance it almost looked as if it were a smoldering volcano spewing from it’s treetops a misty upside down sea. #justbecuaseilikewriting #scbi #scbiinternship #biodiversitree #scbibiodiversitree #ilovestorms (at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute)
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Jog falls in all its glory | by “Sachin Rai”
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Rainy day on a pug date

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Czech Republic :: (Vladimír Pánek)

You can almost smell the sharp air
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Big Island, Hawaii by Peter French
take a piece We entered stage 4 today and began herbiciding. Granted it was all a wash since it rained right after, it was still a moral boost. We are making progress. #scbi #scbiinternship #biodiversitree #scbibiodiversitree #trucksareamansbestfriend (at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute)
take a piece It’s wild how big this pea plant is getting. #thelittlemistakethatcould
take a piece My usual tough-day-in-the-field-comfort-not-feeling-loved-god-what-is-life-I-need-a-girlfriend-well-at-least-I-live-on-a-beautiful-mountain-that-I-can-share-with-no-one meal. Straight up. You have rice + meat of the month + eggs + salsa, a bowl of spinach and a cold beer. #noms #nomnoms
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take a piece Sweet meat of the gods I’ve missed wings so much. Happy birthday to the boss man Kyle you old man! (at Buffalo Wild Wings)
take a piece You know you’re best friends when you catch each other instacreeping. #bffs #bros #40yrplan #timesaretough
take a piece The visibility was amazing today. It felt like we were on the edge of the sky. #nothinglikeyesterday #scbi #scbiinternship #biodiversitree #scbibiodiversitree #smithsonianconservationbiologyinstitute  (at Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute)
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